Tell Us about Your Best/Worst Social Media Experience

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As part of our continuing How Strong Is Your Social Net? research project we are gathering mini-case studies about arts and culture social media experiments that “get it right” and analyzing projects that didn’t work but provided opportunities to learn. Please share your thoughts about what’s working and what you’ve learned along the way.

We invite you to contribute to the art field’s knowledge bank by telling us about significant ways your organization has implemented online strategies and how social media is helping you accomplish organizational goals, solve problems and engage with audiences in new and powerful ways. We’d also like to hear about unexpected challenges during implementation – especially when they led to improvements and insights.
Share your story — tell us about your best/worst experiences with Social Media and Digital Communications.

Please Leave a Reply below and include in your “comment” these elements:

  1. a one-line headline encapsulating your program or experience;
  2. a brief description of the issue or challenge that your organization was trying to solve;
  3. highlights of implementing the solution; and
  4. what were the results, learnings and landmines?

2 Responses to Tell Us about Your Best/Worst Social Media Experience

  1. Liking us in real life

    We have grown our social audience and created a much more user-friendly website, but I don’t know if that crosses over to people attending events in real life.

  2. Why does no one like us?!

    Our issue was to grow our social audience over the last year. Our solution was to promote our pages, promote posts, and tag people/businesses in posts to drive more traffic to our social sites. So far we have more than doubled our page likes on facebook and doubled our Twitter followers. Landmines are budget.