From our national results so far: 7/8 say audiences are responding

More than 7/8 of respondents to date (87.6%) say that audiences have been responding to their digital and social media outreach.  Less than 10% (8.3%) reported that their audiences haven’t been responding.

Results from our survey continue to come in.  Has your voice been heard? If not, please take our survey!

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From our results so far: more than 3/4 seeing results in ticket sales

Arts organizations using digital and social media to boost ticket sales or to sell tickets directly via online channels are seeing significant results. A combined 77.5% of respondents report online efforts and activities are yielding some degree of success with ticket sales.

  • 42.7% report “some results”
  • 23.7% report “good results”
  • 6.7% report “major results”
  • 4.4% say that digital and social media have become “mission critical” where ticket sales are concerned.

Only 7.6% of respondents to date report no results.

What have your experiences been with online ticket promotions and sales? Please let us know in the comments section below and, if you haven’t taken it already, let us know your story by taking our survey today.

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Press release: How Strong is Your Social Net? study goes national

We’ve sent out national news releases for our How Strong is Your Social Net? survey. The full text of the press release is below.

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From our results so far: 2/3 report management is excited about digital media

Judging from the results we’ve analyzed so far, arts professionals have entered a new stage in their attitudes toward digital and social media. In short, the panic is over:

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Our How Strong is Your Social Net? data already covers 40 states

…now we need your help to get a fuller national picture. A critical aspect of our project is to obtain information that corresponds to national demographics.

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Trudel | MacPherson announces landmark national study of digital media in the arts

Many arts leaders are working hard to get the most out of the latest digital communications tools and social media. To take a snapshot of field utilization and satisfaction with marketing efforts in digital and social media, Trudel | MacPherson has created the How Strong is Your Social Net? Survey to measure messaging alignment, resource allocation and communications effectiveness of arts organizations.

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Event: Philadelphia Cultural Alliance presentation and workshop

T|M principals, joined by digital media strategist Jai Sen, will conduct a workshop featuring local results from the How Strong is Your Social Net? Survey compared and contrasted with national trends for the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance.  Alliance members will participate in a digital communications workshop using the T | M diagnostic tool Strengthening Your Social Net.

Date City Venue
July 21, 2011 Philadelphia Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance
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Event: NASAA (National Assembly of State Arts Agencies) webinar

Trudel | MacPherson experts discussed the national results of the How Strong is Your Social Net? Survey in an online webinar hosted by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA.)

NASAA was an early endorser of the survey project, inviting state arts agencies in all 50 states to take the survey as unique cohorts.  The webinar compared state arts agency responses with national trends.

Date City Venue
September 15, 2011 Webinar NASAA (National Assembly of State Arts Agencies)
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Event: South Arts Performing Arts Exchange in Baton Rouge, LA

T | M principals, joined by digital media strategist Jai Sen, presented national findings from our How Strong is Your Social Net Survey and highlighted results from the southeastern region.

Date City Venue
September 23, 2011 Baton Rouge South Arts Performing Arts Exchange
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Event: NAMP (National Arts Marketing Project) webinar

Previewing T | M’s presentation at the fall conference, NAMP is hosting a national webinar featuring the How Strong is Your Social Net? Survey.  Tom Kaiden, President of the Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, will comment on the survey findings and provide insights on practices and perceptions from the Philadelphia arts groups surveyed.


Date City Venue
September 21, 2011 Webinar NAMP (National Arts Marketing Project)
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