Arts leaders report benefits of simply taking our survey!

So far, nearly 1,500 arts organizations from across the country have taken our How Strong is Your Social Net? survey measuring messaging alignment, resource allocation and effectiveness of digital outreach efforts.  We received feedback from several colleagues who’ve taken the survey that simply taking the survey has helped focus their thinking on how to develop meaningful digital communication plans.

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Survey data reveals St. Louis ahead of national averages in use and adoption of social media

Trudel | MacPherson has begun a national rollout tour, presenting initial results of our How Strong is Your Social Net? survey and leading workshops with groups of arts organizations that took the survey as members of regional collaboratives.

The first presentation took place in St. Louis in late May under the auspices of the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission (RAC), the largest arts funder in the region. A number of RAC grantees were among the first to take the survey during our baseline capture period in which select arts groups — grantees of local conveners or members of service organizations — were invited to take the survey prior to its full national launch, when the survey was opened to all arts organizations.

Date City Venue
May 17, 2011 St. Louis St. Louis Regional Arts Council
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Press release: How Strong is Your Social Net? study goes national

We’ve sent out national news releases for our How Strong is Your Social Net? survey. The full text of the press release is below.

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